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We work to improve and optimise the dairy production worldwide. We offer various services which will turn your dairy company in to a success!

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November 2015
Farm audit in Uruguay

For an investment company The Friesian has investigated a 700 cow dairy farm in...

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September 2015
The dairy project KMDP

SNV and The Friesian are working together in the dairy project KMDP. One of the...

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June 2015
Large scale project in Saudi Arabia

A group of specialists is currently carrying out a survey among 14 medium and small...

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Precision Dairy FarmingJune 2016

  To be informed on the latest technologies in dairy farming, two experts of The Friesian participated in an...

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Dairy farm development in NigeriaJune 2016

  On behalf of a major international dairy company, The Friesian will be engaged in a dairy development program...

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Quick scan SudanJune 2016

  On behalf of the Dutch Government, The Friesian is conducting a quick scan on the dairy sector in...

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About The Friesian

Dairy development company

The Friesian is the international specialist in marketing agrarian business knowledge, with the prime focus on the dairy chain. As dairy chain professionals, we have been playing an important role in developing the agrarian sector in various countries and areas. For example in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asian and African countries. With our strong international presence we are at home in dairy wherever we are!

As a company we are independent and ambitious in dairy development. We work to improve and optimise the dairy (food) production worldwide via an efficient international network of companies and institutes. With our unique range of products, we assure and improve food safety and profitability in a sustainable way. This we execute in a fast growing global demand for reliable and healthy food. The world population is growing, together with prosperity in rising economies. This gives rise to a growing demand for knowledge and experience in dairy development.