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Dairy development in Nigeria

Our consultancy division The Friesian drew up a cattle crossbreeding proposal with white Fulani cows in Nigeria last year. This is part of a 3-year dairy development program which was set up per request of a major international dairy processor. The project aims to increase milk production at local dairy farms in Nigeria. Now it’s time for the follow-up! Our expert Wytze travelled to the African country for the next steps.

This project is carried out in two states in the south-western region of Nigeria. In this area a lot of Fulani cattle is being held; an important breed throughout the area, mainly owned by the nomadic Fulani people. The main focus is on the introduction of local bred Fulani/HF crossbreds and improvement of feeding and farm management skills. Approximately 30 master farms have been selected now, which will be used as demo farms. In this way, clusters have been formed and dairy farmers from the surroundings will be trained and supervised at these farms. The objective is to improve their existing small-scale farms into commercial oriented.

At these master farms attention is paid to a.o. harvesting and livestock farming. Currently it is raining season and the crops need to grow for the upcoming dry period. A big challenge!
Concerning the genetic part, also steps have been taken. The best white Fulani cows will be crossed with Holstein cows. The first cross breds are born and are being housed at the master farms.

More updates will follow!



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