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Raw milk sourcing

When starting a dairy factory or increasing the milk capacity of current processing plant, it is not just a matter of buying new equipment. How can you source a certain amount of raw milk, of the right quality in a certain area?

The Friesian is able to provide raw milk sourcing support in several ways:

  • Milk mapping – Investigate the possibly available milk in a certain country/region as well as the near future development of this
  • Raw milk sourcing strategy –  Depending on the milk mapping, planning and introducing the best way to increase the milk volume in the factory by farm support, milk collection centres and payment system. Also evaluating and optimizing the milk logistics
  • Milk composition/quality based payment system –  Improving the quality of the collected milk to improve the efficiency of the factory and reduce losses, often supported by introducing a payment system based on milk quality. This also includes introducing quick tests / laboratory tests for evaluating the milk quality in an early stage

The sourcing of raw milk requires various skilled specialists, able to combine inputs on many levels to obtain the best economic results.

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